A modest proposal Values Fairness - Justice.

To start this essay first we need to know the definition of justice and fairness. So justice is the quality of being just or fair. For example, Super heroes fight for justice because they want everything to be fair and not let bad guys win. And, Fairness is the quality of making judgments that are free from discrimination. Judges, umpires, and teachers should all strive to practice fairness. So this story begins with all this values reflected but when the story continues this values are lost first we start that Jonathan Swift do a proposal to the people of Dublin,Ireland to make a plan to get the economy better and to end the overpopulation, this proposal talks about selling the kids of the poor families and give it them to the rich people to them to eat it, for me this is a horrible proposal to end this things because Jonathan Swift didnt have kids so he didnt take the affects from this proposal because this doesnt affect it, another problema …


First of all, we need to know what is trustworthiness and thankful. Trustworthiness is the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful. An example is He wrote a reference describing his reliability and trustworthiness. Thankful conscious of benefit received, expressive of thanks, well pleased. An example is for what we are about to receive make us truly thankful.

All starts in january 1, 1660 Samuel Pepys start talking about his life that he have very good health and then starts talking about his wife called Elizabeth and his servant name Jane. Pepys was clearly a moral and a religious man in a very general and philosophical way. Pepys is a trustworthiness and a thankfull man because he always say thanks for the good health he have but then in 1669 Pepys began to fear that he might go blind. He had a trouble with his eyesight. For me all the characters that appear in the story of Samuel Pepys all have confidence and gratitude because Pepys is always grateful for his health although a…


Virtue, by definition, is the moral excellence of a person. A morally excellent person has a character made-up of virtues valued as good. He or she is honest, respectful, courageous, forgiving, and kind, for example. Because of these virtues or positive character traits, he or she is committed to doing the right thing no matter what the personal cost, and does not bend to impulses, urges or desires, but acts according to values and principles. Some might say that good qualities are innate and developed through good parenting, which they are, but we’re not perfect. Virtues need to be cultivated to become more prevalent and habitual in daily life. With the habit of being more virtuous, we take the helm of our own life, redirecting its course towards greater fulfillment, peace and joy.Virtues are the essence of our character and character does indeed determine destiny.  The more we recognize the potential impact that practic…


There was a time where there were no people on Earth. Only gods lived there in peace.
ONE day, a god wanted to create live and asked his brothers for help. They talked a lot and thought about what they had to create. Then, they decided to compete and the first used one bone from one of his fingers and produce the seeds that rapidly sprout and became plants, the other used the hair of his chest with clay to create animals and the last used part of his skin to produce insects. Next they sat together and realize that everything was perfect. So, they talked again and decided nobody won or lost because everything was created for a purpose.



Colombia is a country located in the northwest of South America, politically organized in 32 departments. It limits the East with Venezuela and Brazil, to the South with Peru and Ecuadory to the Northwest with Panama. It is the only nation in South America that has coasts in the Pacific Ocean and access to the Atlantic through the Caribbean Sea, in which it has several islands such as the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. It has an estimated population of 49 million inhabitants.
One of the 32 departments of Colombia is the Atlantic, it is located in the Caribbean region of Colombia, its capital is Barranquilla, city, where I live. Barranquilla, known for its carnival, is located on the western margin of the Magdalena River, 7.5 km from its mouth in the Caribbean Sea. In 1993 it was declared a special, industrial and port district. It is the main economic and cultural center of the Caribbean Region of Colombia. The populati…


My life the truth is that it is very simple, I really do not take anything badly I prefer to live life without complicating myself with other people because at the end of life they will see many people who want to make others feel bad this is not my case the truth I am a very positive person and a person who likes to help others.
In my life I like to do many things like spending time with my friends and my family, because living together helps a lot to overcome things. What I do when there is a person who bothers a lot I try to advise as much as possible to see if that person can try to change and this can also serve in the future to have a better coexistence. In my life what I do most is to play is a thing that I like to do obviously play with friends and I start talking with them about different topics but the most important thing is to share some time as friends while we play.
In conclusion it is better to live life without problems, to be able to feel that everything you do you do i…


Long time ago women are visualized as a person of importance because she is the one who teach children about behavior and other things. They were the ones who plant crops and harvest the fruits and vegetables for food. They even kept some seeds to plant the next time they need them. But time pass and it is not the same for women nowadays. Women have to fight against society for a place in it. They have to be mothers, wives, and professionals but worse, they have to be perfect in what they do.
It’s not politically correct to say this, but the truth is that too many men don’t have what it takes to reach the top. They lack the killer ambition, that willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice, and that’s the real reason so many glittering male careers so end in failure. For example, Saatchi & Saatchi’s former executive chairman Kevin Roberts, suggested that the reason there aren’t many women at the top of the advertising industry is that women lack “vertical ambition” and are quite hap…